Is there anyone in the world who has not heard of Asspren cigarettes? This famous brand, initially founded in 2014,are characterized by their unique blend of natural tobaccos, and are shipped worldwide for your enjoyment.

Manufactured by the UK Worldwide Group, Asspren has quickly become one of the best selling cigarette brands in the Middle East, as shown by the 2015 national survey in which it tied, in high position, with another famous cigarette brand.

Our manufacturing operations begin with the arrival of tobacco and other materials, such as paper, at our factories, and ends with the dispatch of an excellent finished product to our various international markets.


We are the leading manufacturer of cigarettes and produce some of the most well known brands in the consumer products industry. We have a premium brand portfolio that leads the industry, this includes Asspren – a high quality cigarette.

We know that our products are not for everyone so we market them responsibly and as the preferences of our society change, we change too. Our leadership in the industry goes beyond having leading products and brands. It includes how we address issues that are important to our business and to society. That means helping to reduce underage tobacco usage; supporting those wishing to cease smoking; communicating about the health effects of our products; investing in our communities; and reducing our environmental impact.

Our attitude to innovation is inspired by the concept of «continuous improvement» It is a philosophy that goes beyond simple productivity improvement to address how the workplace can be humanized and experimentation encouraged. And we try to be innovative in the ways we encourage innovation

Our company invests in innovation. Our employees are actively encouraged to come forward with suggestions, by talking to colleagues and their managers or at the continuous improvement conferences that we regularly hold. As well as keeping the channels of communication open for new ideas, we create forums where ideas can be shared across the organization. Cross-functional sharing of knowledge is fertile ground for innovation. A good idea can be anything from small incremental change through to a major innovation. It can be a tangible or intangible thing.

Our employees drive all of these efforts. Due to their commitment to product quality and responsibility, we invest in employees to build their leadership skills. We seek diverse and engaged employees at all levels who relish challenges and take initiative to deliver business results in a rewarding work environment. We think you can’t beat the experience of working at Asspren.



We build and maintain business relationships with a broad range of diverse suppliers. We work with businesses that help us manufacture and market our products legally. Our suppliers understand that we care about both the business results and how they are achieved. 

We work closely with suppliers to oppose the unlawful employment of children in the workplace and forced labor. We hold suppliers accountable for their labor practices by establishing specific contract terms and conditions related to child and forced labor, and we work with stakeholders to identify practical solutions that address issues of child and forced labor, and the specific labor circumstances of the agricultural sector. 

In developing a diverse supplier base we work to strengthen our communities by reaching out to a diverse base of suppliers, including minority workers. We track and communicate performance across all levels of our company. Our Supplier Diversity Development program also helps to strengthen communities by creating more businesses, entrepreneurship, business training and employment opportunities for all.


Our main focus is to provide our customers with the quality product they deserve. 

This all starts with sourcing from around the globe the best in natural tobaccos from sustainable and legally operating farmers and growers who respect our principles and vision. 

Add to this other globally sourced materials such as the flavorings, filters and paper products used, all to the highest stand. Through enabling a totally committed workforce to be better enabled through appropriate communications and training, 
and finally in providing a service that is first class in the manufacture and distribution of high quality cigarette products that are enjoyed throughout the Middle East and around the world. 

We aim for total customer satisfaction whichever of our products our clients prefer to enjoy. 


Our companies’ marketing approach begins with the adherence to our Mission and compliance with all legal, regulatory, and internal policy requirements. We work hard to embed a culture of responsibility throughout our marketing and sales organizations. 
No ID, no sale – this is the mantra of our sales policies. Our tobacco companies work with retailers to keep tobacco products out of children’s’ hands. In addition to following the law, our companies’ trade and retail programs require all retailers to merchandise tobacco in an appropriate manner. 

Our Code of Conduct establishes the basic compliance principles for our businesses in several key areas, including marketing responsibly. To support this goal employees must comply with all legal requirements, our Codes and policies, practices and commitments, and they must create marketing materials and programs, and hold advertising agencies and marketing consultants to these standards also. They are not permitted to make misrepresentations about our products, including the health effects of these products, never market our products to underage person, and be able to substantiate all claims about our company’s products before making any claims. 

In regard to the prevent of underage smoking our company provides for trade and retail education programs, including the training of store clerks on how to check IDs, and a variety of compliance and training systems to govern marketing material production.


The performance of ASSPREN’s making and packing lines around the world is a critical factor in responding to a changing market.

As pack and brand design variations increase and become more tailored to the consumer, the complexity of manufacturing increases. In the past, even small changes to packaging meant shutting down production lines for hours at a time. Today, our investment in the latest technology means that we are able to rapidly adjust our production to meet changing consumer demands. 

We endeavour to strike a reasonable balance between providing detailed information about the ingredients in our products while protecting our proprietary recipes from disclosure to competitors. The primary ingredient is of course our natural tobacco, the flavorings and other ingredients are listed according to their percentages. The lists identifying the ingredients are available on Middle Eastern webpages, and are for those whose levels are of 0.1% or more of the weight of the cigarette, the lists are organized by brand name.



We have grouped the list of non-tobacco ingredients in all Asspren cigarette products in the following six categories: 

- Cigarette papers
- Side-seam adhesives
- Monogram inks
- Filtration materials
- Filter papers (including plug wraps, tipping papers and tipping paper inks)
- Filter adhesives 

We’ve listed the ingredients in descending order by weight. 
For each ingredient, the list includes the «quantity not exceeded,» calculated from the highest level of use in a particular cigarette product and expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the cigarette. 



The first list include the ingredients in all the Asspren cigarette products. Not off the ingredients listed are present in every cigarette product, and no particular product contains all the ingredients. This alphabetical listing details the quantity not exceeded (calculated from the highest level of use in a single cigarette and expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the tobacco), and the function of the ingredient. We have provide a single list rather than to list items with separate products to avoid disclosing to our competitors the specific flavorings that give each of our products its own unique flavour, taste, and aroma.
Cigarette tobacco and flavour ingredients view
We have grouped the list of non-tobacco ingredients in the Asspren cigarettes in the following categories - Cigarette papers, Side-seam adhesives, Monogram inks, Filtration materials – including plug wraps, tipping papers, tipping paper inks, and filter papers, Filter adhesives The ingredients are listed in descending order by weight and each ingredient is listed by the ‘quantity not exceeded’, this is calculated from the highest level of use in any particular cigarette product and expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the cigarette.


We’re committed to maintaining the quality and taste signatures of our tobacco brands is known for.

To do this, we closely monitor tobacco cultivation, curing, leaf grading and blending – all before the tobacco reaches our factories. 

Our products begin with farmers tending crops in fields abroad. So we understand the importance of protecting the natural resources of the land where these crops are raised. We also recognize the value of promoting good, and safe farming practices. 
As agricultural supply chain sustainability is vital to our businesses and our growers businesses we endeavour to be good stewards of the agricultural land and encouraging improved ways to farm it help to provide a sustainable supply of resources. To this end we have implemented sustainable agricultural policies and programs that provide specific guidance and requirements for our contracted tobacco growers.


We purchase tobacco from domestic and international growers and suppliers. 

We interact with growers and gather information to understand sustainable agriculture and issues affecting agricultural communities to help set clear expectations for growers and other industry stakeholders; 

encourage wider adoption of sustainable practices by working with stakeholders in:

- Education

- University extension programs

- Relevant agriculture agencies

- Grower organizations

- Non-profit organizations.


The cigarettes we manufacture should be sold in compliance with all laws and regulations. Illicit trade undermines the investment we make in our brands and in the legitimate trade channels through which our products are sold. 

It also undermines public health initiatives and creates unfair competition for legitimate businesses that are unable to compete with illicit cigarette distributors and sellers. 

The vast majority of Asspren cigarettes in the market are genuine cigarettes that we manufacture and are sold legally with all appropriate taxes and duties paid. However, we not want consumers to inadvertently purchase illicit cigarettes. Illicit here can take a variety of forms, including counterfeit cigarettes, genuine but smuggled cigarettes, or illegally imported (or grey market) cigarettes.



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